Activity and wellbeing


Why use an activity monitor?


As dog owners ourselves, we’re only too aware of the concerns about whether our pets are getting the right amount of daily exercise to keep them fit and healthy.

Today, this can be resolved with technology, which is why we have chosen to partner with Whistle. By providing an activity monitor, we’ll have a far better understanding of our pet’s wellbeing.





Meet Whistle


The Whistle Activity Monitor included in a MORE TH>N DOGGYSSENTI>LS membership is an on-collar device that measures your dog’s activities, including walks, play and rest. Use the app on your phone to see their daily, weekly and monthly exercise and sleep patterns so you can learn more about your dog’s behaviour. You can even compare activity to similar pups to see if they’re on the right track.

You’ll have a better chance of spotting signs of potential issues, whilst easily sharing this all with your vet.

The tech spec

Compact enough to be worn by all dogs, the Whistle device is waterproof and fixes firmly to collars and harnesses so they will definitely survive everyday doggy rough and tumble! They are rechargeable via a usb charging dock with power lasting up to a week between charges.

The activity tracker also sends updates using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for automatic data syncing and is compatible with both Apple iOS 7.1 or greater and Android 4.0.3 or greater.

If you’d like to find out more about the Whistle Activity monitor, please visit